​ Escarosa Paranormal Research

What is your approach when encountering spirits?

-We treat spirits like we treat the living. We show respect and express our intentions. We do not support provocation. Provoking spirits can have a negative effect long after the researchers have left. Spirits are more than able to follow investigators home and cause distress to location after being provoked.

Would you do a summoning circle, Ouija board, or ritual?

-We understand cultures are very reverent of their dead and express it in rituals and prayer. Ouija board is also a very popular method of communicating with the dead. Despite that, EPR will not participate in these events. Ouija boards in particular have been known to attract negative energies and trap spirits within them. The uncertainty of the rituals and lack of user control keeps us from participating.

Do you charge?

- Not at all. Our members have children, day jobs, spouses, and school. Even with that we enjoy putting our time in for this labor of love.

What equipment do you use?

-We are very grassroots but we have night vision spot cams, digital recorders, EMF readers, EMF pumps, digital cameras, and other electronics that aid us in our work.

I want to start a group, what do I do?

-Start no further than finding like-minding people that are willing to work. There are many that are interested until it is inconvenient. There is more time to put in than just going to a location. There is videos to watch, pictures to scrutinize, debunking, hours of audio to hear, and also have a final presentation ready for the family you served. 


Why do some people see or hear Spirits and some don't?

Spirits do not always respond the same with people/investigators. If they want to be seen or heard, it's up to them to allow this. It is important to use multiple recording devices. They may speak after you leave an area. It takes a lot of energy for spirits to speak or show themselves, be patient.  You may want to split up and try a on​e on one session, they may be more comfortable with this instead of approaching groups. Remember be patient, allow them time to answer.

Do spirits know what year or time they crossed over?

There is some evidence that says yes they do. When attempting to contact spirits,take in consideration what year, era, circumstances that they passed away in(if this is possible). It may make it easier to relate to them. If you can bring up subjects that are familiar to them, this may make them more comfortable when /if they do choose to approach you.

B.  On a side note the equipment that is used to investigate spirits is probably something they are not familiar with. Take time during your investigation(s) to explain in detail what each piece of equipment is used for ( how it works what it does)how it helps you know that they are present. Make them feel safe to approach you or persons in your group.