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As a child I was very convinced there were things around me in the dark that I couldn't see, but didn't begin in my personal investigations of it until I was sixteen. My motivation came from un-explainable happenings within four of the six homes I've lived in across three states. I believe people see more than they tell. Told or untold, let us help validate your experiences. 


My first experience was in 2005. I was sitting with my mother-in-law in her living room, and a picture that was on a shelf glided down to the floor without a cause. Before then I already believed in the paranormal, however that piqued my curiosity so much, that I began researching the field through my computer. Then decided I needed to learn more, so I went hands on. I am excited about every chance to investigate a new place, have a new experience, and learn something new about the paranormal. I can't wait to make your location next!


My experiences started almost thirty years ago where I was working at the time.

Seeing something out of the corner of my eye on quite a few occasions, I started talking to, and asking questions of this spirit. I also learned that I wasn't the only one seeing and feeling things, I realized I wasn't going crazy.

Things began to develop, and eventually I learned his name, and was lucky enough, this spirit appeared to me for just a brief moment. Two others that worked with me also claimed they had seen this same spirit. All our descriptions matched.  I was a volunteer for two and one half years at Pensacola Lighthouse,one of the most haunted locations in Pensacola. I have been on numerous investigations, and have learned  many things from other investigators. We look forward to helping you.


More about us!

We are a group of open minded individuals, who are interested in researching to find out why there is paranormal activity, and what is behind it. Our team members are passionate about this field. Because of this passionate interest, Escarosa Paranormal Research is eager to investigate your premises.